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Troughout the year

BAJA ETS undertakes a variety of activities throughout the year in order to design, build, and compete with an off-road vehicle. This includes conceptualizing and designing the vehicle, testing and simulating its components, building a prototype, seeking sponsorship and funding, preparing for the competition, and ultimately competing in a series of events that test the vehicle's performance and capabilities. The team also needs to manage their budget, plan logistics, maintain communication among team members, and continuously improve their design based on feedback and results. The process requires a great deal of collaboration, creativity, and perseverance, and often involves students from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, marketing, and business.


The BAJA SAE collegiate design series is one of the numerous international engineering events organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The Baja ÉTS team has been participating in the competitions since 1989. We have a reputation since the early days of being one of the top competing team that achieved numerous podiums throughout our years. A little-known fact, since the beginning of the competitions, there has been only one team to achieve the 1st position in all three competitions during a year, and that team is us in 2005!

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