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Founded in 1974, the École de technologie supérieure stands out in its engineering training by its emphasis on practical experience. This philosophy drives the unparalleled support that the school provides to our club. Baja ÉTS could not be awarded the distinctions it received this year without the numerous services made available to us and the impeccable work of the members of the club management and student life bords.


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David Brown Santasalo is a world leader in power transmission equipment manufacturing. This year, their valuable design advice and assistance in the manufacture of high-precision gearing has taken the Baja ÉTS 2022 to new heights! As always the quality of their work is a tribute to their expertise and many years of experience.



Schaeffler is a company that offers various high-performance ball-bearing solutions for industrial applications. Thanks to their generous contribution, the 2022 vehicle will run on reliable bearings of proven quality over time. Baja ÉTS is proud to work with Schaeffler to develop a vehicle that exceeds expectations every year.

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Blaxes Usinage CNC is a Sherbrooke-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-precision machined parts. This year, Baja ÉTS was able to count on the expertise of this small team for the manufacturing of complex 5-axis parts, allowing us to save precious grams on the vehicle. Passionate, the staff at Blaxes CNC Machining offers a human and pragmatic approach to each challenge encountered. Baja ÉTS thanks Blaxes CNC Machining deeply for their work!



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